Yan Shou Gong – The Art of Longevity (Sets 1-6)

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Learn the authentic Nei Gong practices of Southern Shaolin Kungfu.


Yan Shou Gong 延壽功 is an Authentic Nei Gong practice traditionally taught to only the most senior monks in the Southern Shaolin Temple. Each of the Yan Shou Gong sets condenses the best practices of the Nei Gong arts, making them:

  • Easy to learn
  • Quick to practice
  • Produce real internal skills.

Many types of Nei/Qi Gong practices typically take years before a student feels any benefits from the training, or even worse, the methods don’t produce any results. However, this is not the case with Yan Shou Gong, as the student will notice the benefits instantly, and in most instances, it can begin to deliver results within weeks.

Yan Shou Gong also emphasizes the development of kinetic energy and the mind; in Chinese martial arts, these terms are referred to as Jin 勁 and Yi 意. It also teaches the practitioner how to perform techniques such as Grounding, Rooting, and Centering, creating awareness and mindfulness of being in the body. This can improve a practitioner’s martial abilities, but it can also help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

The comprehensive instruction provided for Yan Shou Gong sets 1-6 in this course is ideal for martial artists who want to study an authentic Nei Gong system/internal art. It is also suitable for those who have previously been too busy, living a stressed-out lifestyle, and now need to work on improving their health.

Inner-door Students Group

As well as the comprehensive video instruction provided within the course, Master Yap has created a private group to personally guide students studying the Yan Shou Gong (Shaolin Nei Gong) course with him. Access to the group is exclusive and only available to students who enroll in this course. Students can use the group to ask questions, discuss the video lessons and share their training experiences with the other pupils. Master Yap will be on hand to answer any questions and share new video lessons with the group.

About Yap Boh Heong

Yap Boh Heong is a 3rd generation Kungfu master with nearly 50 years of experience in Southern Shaolin Kungfu, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (TCMA), and Nei Gong. He is the son of the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, an internationally renowned master of Kungfu and feng shui.

Master Yap has acquired extensive knowledge and understanding of Shaolin Kungfu and especially the internal martial arts of Five Ancestors, WuMei, and Yan Shou Gong. He has spent the past ten years researching and developing a new teaching pedagogy (TCMA) that makes sophisticated concepts easy to understand and accelerates learning. While it would traditionally take ten years for a new student to achieve proficiency in TCMA, it can now be achieved in three years using these new methods. Since he began teaching with these new methods, he has produced several highly skilled and capable students, proficient in using their internal energies, such as Jin and Yi.

Although his initial focus was on the martial aspects of TCMA, he has also focused on the health and well-being aspect after seeing how it can help others improve their lives. He now actively teaches Yan Shou Gong (YSG), an authentic Nei Gong taught previously to only the most senior monks in Southern Shaolin Temple.

Since the passing of GM Yap Cheng Hai and GM Chee Kim Thong, Master Yap Boh Heong has taken over the mantle and is actively teaching and spreading the benefits of Yan Shou Gong to the world. He recently began teaching internationally in Europe, conducting courses and workshops in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.


  • An open mind and willingness to learn.
  • The ability to listen and follow instructions.

Who this course is for:

  • Martial artists.
  • Kung fu practitioners.
  • Qi Gong practitioners.
  • Anyone interested to learn authentic Shaolin Nei Gong and the internal arts.
  • Meditators.
  • Healers.

What you’ll learn:

  • Yan Shou Gong sets 1-6
  • Nei Gong and Qi Gong theory.
  • How to train and produce Jin 勁.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Authentic Shaolin Nei Gong.


  • Strengthen the body.
  • Improve posture.
  • Improve balance.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Improve grounding.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Instill a state of calmness.
  • Help to recover from burn-out.
  • Feel more alert and energetic.
  • Develop better resistance from disease.
  • Faster recovery from injuries.

* Please refer to the article published on the Harvard Medical School website for more information on the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3085832

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Lifetime access to this course costs only USD $299.00, a one-time payment.

How many videos are in the course?
This course includes eighty-five video lessons comprising more than four and a half hours of in-depth instructions on sets 1-6 of the Yan Shou Gong and Shaolin Nei Gong.

How can I get access to the Yan Shou Gong Inner-door Students group?
You will be automatically added to the group and receive a link to access the private group on this website as soon as you purchase the course.

Can I watch the videos on all of my devices?
Yes, the website is fully responsive, meaning you can watch all the videos on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How can I pay?
We accept payments using PayPal and all major Credit / Debit cards. All payments made on the site are secure, encrypted, and protected.

Will I get instant access to the videos?
Yes, once your payment has been processed, you will get instant access to all the course videos.

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Moghamad Schrueder
Posted 2 weeks ago
Very clear

Excellent teaching style

Preview Image
Harry Bryan
Posted 1 month ago
Crucial if you're going to attend a YSG seminar

I was fortunate enough to recently attend a Yan Shou Gong seminar in N. Ireland and found the material in this course to be invaluable. The price may seem high, but what I've found is that taking the course means that you will get a great deal more out of any instruction you take in person. It will be necessary to attend a workshop at some point, but this course is a great starting point in YSG.

Preview Image
Reeson Flores
Posted 2 months ago
Feels like these exercises are working on old injuries

I have been doing these exercises for 2 months now. It feels like my left side of head, left neck, left shoulder, right hip and right low back are not working properly. While doing Yan Shou Gong, I feel increased tension/pain in these areas. It has been decreasing over continued exercise. I feel if I continue, it will eventually restructure my joints and muscles to work properly. Thank you.

Preview Image
laurent Rochat
Posted 2 months ago
Great pedagogy

Everything is very clear, very good pedagogy!

Preview Image
Athanasios Kakafikas
Posted 2 months ago
Precise instructions

Instructions are precise, focused on the important details. I can feel already the soothness. It has almost immediate effect. I'm on my third day of practice. Feels therapeutic. I'm waiting to see what comes next as I learn the rest of the forms. As a psychologist I wonder if and how this practice could complement my therapy sessions. We will see. So far so good. Thank you!

Preview Image
Gabriele Conte
Posted 2 months ago
Found what I have been looking for

I liked everything about the course. The explanations were easy to follow. Yan Shou Gong and my Reiki complement each other as I practice there seems increasing awareness in my body . Thank you and I look forward to continuing with this course increasing my knowledge

Preview Image
William Pierre
Posted 3 months ago
Precise, deep and clear

Trully love it. Explanations are precise and well explained. Really looking forward going deeper at the workshop!

Preview Image
Fook Keong Thye
Posted 3 months ago
It is good

The trouble is with me. I find it hard to stay focus. I need person to person teaching. Is there someone in Petaling Jaya that I can learn from?

Preview Image
leila RUYMEN
Posted 3 months ago
My aim: To learn the mouvements and forms correctly before the next workshop/ dvp strings

Every now and then, after a few months, I would advice to check every forms / movement with the video again, step by step from the beginning. -> Back to basics helps 🙂

Preview Image
Pedro Valladares
Posted 3 months ago
Explanations are great

I just started and I have not really felt the strings yet, but based on the level of details in the videos and the comments sections, I am hopeful.

Preview Image
Malcolm McKeag
Posted 4 months ago

like straightforward explanations

Preview Image
Jamin Barnes
Posted 4 months ago
Really enjoying the course

I've been practicing the first few exercises for a couple months now. I find it very relaxing. It has also been very relatable to my other martial arts practice specifically Uechi Ryu. I find the principles are complementary to the San Chin structure. I plan on taking the next series.

Preview Image
Joe Lowe
Posted 5 months ago
Great instruction

I like the format and detailed instructions making it easy to learn.

Preview Image
Mario Agic
Posted 5 months ago
Very good clarification

Aldo i started couple a days ago, i already can can tell this is gonna be very usefull and enjoyable journey for my martial arts and life in general. I like the way it clarifies internal mechanics and it feels so good from the begining!

Preview Image
Nick Tan
Posted 6 months ago
Excellent course

Excellent course with very clear instructions. Already feeling the health benefits.

Preview Image
Darryl Dea
Posted 6 months ago
Just beginning in San Francisco

I appreciate that Yap Sifu goes in so much detail to break down each step. The coordinating of the outside, inside, sensation and breathing will take some time. I am dedicated to making this a daily routine and build slowly. As a child, I learned Sil Lum Bok Pai and Yang Gah Tai Gik - at 60 now I embark on a new journey - so exciting. Daw Jeah Sifu!

Preview Image
Wolfram Greiner
Posted 7 months ago
A great course

I like the detailed descriptions

Preview Image
Anne Choo
Posted 8 months ago
Clear and detailed instructions/explanations

We are blessed to have Master Yap conducting the online class with clarity. Jimmy's demo was very helpful. I also learnt much from the Q&A in the discussion section. Master Yap and his team very patiently responded to the students questions for which I am extremely grateful. Thank you Master Yap and the whole team!

Preview Image
Farouk Dain
Posted 9 months ago
Excellent Internal Martial Art

The lessons are very well explained and the instruction are very clear

Preview Image
Mark Hanley
Posted 9 months ago
Rooting martial application

I have finished the first 6 sets and found Master Yap Boh Heong and the sets were exactly what I was hoping they would be. He created a great sequence of videos slowly introducing more details. This has allowed me to focus on slowly incorporating the details in each of the moves. I notice the more times I do it the more I understand. I have found the general YouTube videos revealing.

Preview Image
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