Han Yang Ru Yi – Medical Qi Gong


The official online course of Master Dennis Wang.


Discover the transformative power of Han Yang Ru Yi (涵阳如意) with our online course, suitable for anyone, regardless of existing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner, our lessons are structured to ensure a seamless learning experience that’s easy to follow and quick to practice, with real, tangible results.

In this course, Master Dennis shares the ancient Shaolin stretching syllabus known as Yi Jing Ba Shi (易筋八姿), a vital element of Han Yang that opens up the body, activates the fascia and energy channels, and improves overall health. The course also focuses on the “Yin aspect,” with the Han Yang essential exercises and the 15 Movements, which are practiced slowly and calmly to induce a state of calmness and eventually stillness. Through daily practice, you will sense and experience the electromagnetic energy in your body, which can then be used to improve the health of others using the “Healing Protocol” taught and demonstrated in the later stages of the course.

With Han Yang Ru Yi, you’ll learn to connect with your body and the world around you, unlocking the secrets to good health and healing. Enroll now to experience the power of Han Yang Ru Yi for yourself.