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This course is designed to help you understand and harness the power of life force energy, providing you with the tools to elevate your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Life force energy, the essential essence that animates all living things, has been recognized and utilized across various cultures and traditions for centuries. In “Life Force Mastery,” Dinesh Kumar combines his extensive knowledge and practical experience to guide you through this transformative process. With a deep understanding of both scientific methodology and spiritual wisdom, this course bridges the gap between these worlds, offering a holistic approach to personal growth and self-discovery.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Understanding and Awareness
Before you can harness life force energy, you need a solid understanding of what it is and why it matters. In this section, we’ll explore the fundamentals of life force energy, how it operates on both micro and macro levels, and its significance in our lives. You’ll learn how to cultivate this energy effectively and discover the purpose behind each practice.

Powering Up and Measuring Progress
Building a strong foundation of life force energy is crucial. Here, we’ll dive into techniques for increasing the power, volume, and density of your life force energy. You’ll also learn methods for measuring your progress, replicating successful outcomes, and refining your practices. By using scientific methodology and journaling, you’ll ensure that your growth is grounded in reality and consistently moving towards peak performance.

Application and Transformation
Human evolution is driven by our innate desire to grow and transform. This section focuses on how you can apply the principles and exercises from the course to achieve your personal, professional, and spiritual goals. You’ll learn to integrate these practices into your daily life, allowing you to create the reality you desire and reach new heights in all areas of your life.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

How to Feel Life Force Energy
Discover how to sense energy beyond your physical body and unlock the first step of your clairsentience. Expand your awareness and attune yourself to the subtle vibrations of life force energy.

How to Build Volume and Density of Life Force Energy
Master the techniques to amplify the power, volume, and density of your life force energy. Become a superconductor for energy, enhancing your ability to harness and utilize it effectively.

Application for Transformation
Learn how to apply these powerful principles to transform your life. This critical phase of the training will guide you in using life force energy to achieve your personal, professional, and spiritual goals, ultimately creating the reality you desire.

Q&A Forum for Life Force Mastery Students

In addition to the comprehensive video instruction provided within the course, Dinesh has established a private forum to personally guide students learning online. Access to the forum is exclusive and available only to enrolled students. Here, students can pose questions, engage in discussions about the video lessons, and exchange training experiences with fellow learners. Dinesh will be readily available to address any inquiries and to share additional video lessons with the forum.

Why Join This Course?

  • 50 Process-Driven, Instructional Videos: Gain access to a comprehensive mix of theory, solo, and partner practice instructions that will guide you every step of the way.
  • Private Group Access: Join a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive guidance from Dinesh Kumar and fellow students.
  • Bridge the Gap Between Science and Spiritual Development: Experience a unique blend of scientific methodology and spiritual practices, making the concepts accessible and practical.
  • Free from Doctrines or Dogma: Explore life force energy without the constraints of traditional belief systems, offering you a fresh, open-minded approach.
  • Leading Edge of Spiritual Development: Stay ahead in your spiritual journey with cutting-edge techniques and insights that are at the forefront of spiritual development.

Who Would Benefit from Enrolling in This Course?

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth Seekers: Ideal for those aspiring to enhance their personal and spiritual development.
  • Practical Approach Enthusiasts: Perfect for individuals looking for a structured, process-driven approach to improve various aspects of their lives.
  • Dedicated Goal-Setters: Designed for those who are committed and unwavering in their pursuit of personal and professional goals.
  • Energy Sensitives and Learners: Suitable for those who can sense energy or are eager to develop this skill. We offer free training to help you hone your energy perception if you’re new to this practice.

About Dinesh Kumar

G’day folks! I’m Dinesh Kumar, and just like you, I’ve been on a journey seeking spiritual guidance and knowledge for as long as I can remember, starting from my teenage years.

Our universe is designed to constantly expand and evolve, and this drive is deeply embedded in our DNA. For me, this created a yearning to understand the nature of reality, the reason for my existence, and the overall objective of this so-called “Game of Life.”

I’ve explored far and wide, practicing various systems to uncover answers to my many questions. However, I was never fully satisfied. None of the systems—whether scientific, esoteric, religious, or spiritual—addressed this path from a holistic perspective. They often required strict adherence to doctrines, traditions, blind beliefs, or hierarchical structures.

But I needed more. I sought practical methods to improve my personal and spiritual aspirations without the hurdles, hierarchies, and misinformation.

In 2008, through my martial arts teacher, I came across the work of Franz Bardon. Yet, it wasn’t until three years ago that I had a breakthrough. All the previously misfitting pieces began to connect when I was introduced to the teachings of Sifu Mark Rasmus.

Today, I am excited to share the fundamentals of Life Force in this program. My goal is to help you understand how to use universal principles and life force energy to align yourself with your personal and spiritual goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Prerequisite Knowledge or Equipment Required to Take This Course?
You don’t need any prior knowledge or specialized equipment to start this course. Bring your curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to explore and learn.

How Long Does the Course Last, and Is It Self-Paced?
The course is designed to be flexible and self-paced, allowing you to progress through the materials at your own speed and according to your schedule and learning preferences.

If I Sign Up, How Long Do I Get Access to It?
Enjoy lifetime access to the course, enabling you to practice the principles and deepen your knowledge at your own pace.

How Much Does It Cost?
Lifetime access to the course is available for a one-time payment of only USD 249.00.

How Many Videos Are in the Course?
The course includes 50 pre-recorded video lesson, lasting approximately 7 hours.

How can I get access to the Q&A forum for Life Force Mastery students?
You will be automatically added and receive a link to access the private group on this website as soon as you purchase the course.

Can I Watch the Video on All of My Devices?
Yes, the website is fully responsive, allowing you to watch the video on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How Can I Pay?
We accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards. All payments made on the site are secure, encrypted, and protected.

Will I Get Instant Access to the Video?
Yes, once your payment is processed, you will receive instant access to the video.

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