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In this detailed program, Damo Mitchell takes students through the theory and practice of the Microcosmic Orbit 小周天.


Please Read First:

Welcome to the complete course in Microcosmic Orbit Nei Gong that we are offering publicly. We hope that the videos and lessons below are helpful for people looking to understand this important part of traditional internal training.

You should be aware that the Microcosmic Orbit is not necessarily a course advisable for complete beginners and at least a little background in Qigong practice would serve as a sensible foundation before attempting this work.  

Also, this training is not advisable for anybody under the age of 18, when pregnant or if living with a psychiatric condition of any sort.  

How To Approach The Training: 

Initially, I would suggest watching all of the video lectures and giving the practices a try in sequence. This is just to get an overview of the training and how it works. Building a ‘bigger picture’ of the practice within your mind is always helpful in my opinion.  

After you have been through the program once, then start to work systematically through each of the practical lessons. Start with practical lesson one and keep working at it daily until you have successfully anchored the breath down to the base of the body. Once this milestone has been achieved then you are more likely to manage the next lesson. 

Continue in this way, identifying the key qualities you seek from within each exercise, and then regularly practice until you are ready to move on to the next. Foundations are the key. To be perfectly honest, if you wish to awaken the Microcosmic Orbit and you are not used to this kind of work, then I would think it will take around 1 year to 18 months of daily training.  

Work systematically and steadily, don’t force anything, and remember that subtlety is generally the way with arts like this.

Good luck and enjoy the process; I hope you experience the many benefits of Microcosmic Orbit for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 100% free, all you need to do is enroll.

There are 15 video lessons with in-depth instruction on the microcosmic orbit.

Yes, the website is fully responsive, meaning that you can watch all of the videos on all devices; including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Yes, once you’re enrolled, you will get instant access to all of the videos in the course.

The course includes 7-hours of on-demand video with in-depth instruction with Damo Mithell on the Microcosmic Orbit.

Course Content

1. Introduction
2: Preparation
3: Anchoring the Breath (Exercise 1)
4: The Dan Tian
5: Harvesting Yang (Exercise 2)
6: Establishing the Ming Line (Exercise 3)
7: The Governing Vessel
8: Mixing the Two Qi (Exercise 4)
9: The Lesser Microcosmic Orbit (Exercise 5)
10: Exercises for the Clipping Passes (Exercise 6)
11: The Orbit
12: Passing the Wei Lu Gate (Exercise 7)
13: Absorption (Exercise 8)
14: Conclusion
15. Yi Jin Jing 易筋經 (Changing the Tendon) Process Theory

About Instructor

Damo Mitchell

Author, Teacher, and Student of the Internal Arts of Asia.

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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons

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Kate Ryding
Posted 3 weeks ago
A must course

A must course for anyone wanting to have microcosmic orbit as part of their practice. I had been practicising microcosmic orbit for a number of years. Having gone through Damo's course, I realised that some steps were missing in my preparation and I had been guiding the chi with the breath. Thank you Damo for explaining the process so well, both in theory and practice.

Alan Box Levine
Posted 1 month ago
Surprisingly outstanding

This guided instruction is a quality production, well explained, and exceeds my expectations. Thank you Sifu Damo for this new chapter in Chi Gung

Frank Roosen
Posted 2 months ago
Great Course!

Now at part 7, the Gouverning Vesel. Every lesson I learn something new. What a great teacher is this Damo Mitchell. Calm, and a lot of know how. But you have to know already some TCM terminology otherwise it is difficult for some people I guess.

Mark Poe
Posted 2 months ago
Explicit and regimented

This is one of the most detailed explanations of the microcosmic orbit I have encountered. Well balanced with preliminary exercises and theory fundamentals. Very nice work, thank you ????????

Robert Roy Baranes
Posted 2 months ago
Rational and Clear

Damo Mitchell is an excellent teacher, his exposition is rational and extremely well structured and never superficial. I find him truly inspiring, completely trustworthy and deeply interesting as he unfolds the profound wealth hidden in the material of this course. Thank you Damo

Cesare Bianchi
Posted 2 months ago
Great explanation

I got, from my first sifu, a foundation of this practice. But in my case the practice was more confusing, he taught it a long time ago and he learned it as a Taoist practice but then he included Buddhist elements. Here instead it is explained in a simple and understandable way even for those who have never done it. It was my intention to do it with the new year and thanks to this course I can

Manura De Silva
Posted 2 months ago
Very Informative and Clear to the point

Had some little understanding of the Terms he use here that I could collect from years of Learning, But what he does inside the Course is truly amazing with respect to the explanation, Although still going through the course, love the wat it is organized and above all for giving away such brilliant knowledge free is remarkable. Thank you for the Teachers and The Martial Man !!!

Liam Doona
Posted 2 months ago
Well explained and easy to understand

I've never trained anything like this before and was worried that I might struggle to follow along, but the instructions are clear and and well detailed. The teacher is obviously very knowledgeable in qigong and taoist practices.

Javier Navarro
Posted 2 months ago
Very detailed and clear explanation.

This topic is the foundation of any internal art. Amaizing. Thank you very much.

Claudeo Radityatama
Posted 2 months ago

Can't Believe it's has many explaination about the Microcosmic Orbit :O I hope each videos has a subtitle because sometimes I miss understanding what he said or read his handwriting. :)))

Alaadine El-Abd
Posted 2 months ago

I just started the course and I’m really excited about the content, the structure, and how Damo puts the information in a way that makes it alive.. thank you Kieren and everyone worked to make this happen.. it surely is a great addition to any martial artist seeking knowledge. Peace

James Dawes
Posted 2 months ago
Superb guidance and videos - 5 stars

This course has completely changed my outlook on the internal arts and Qigong training. The depth of knowledge shared in the videos lessons is incredible. It will undoubtedly take me months to work through the material and exercises shared by teacher Damo, but I feel more motivated than ever to do so. Thank you for creating this course. This website is awesome!

Matthew Thrones
Posted 2 months ago
Quality instruction!

I just enrolled and I’m absolutely loving it so far. Quality videos with step by step Instruction on the internal arts. Much appreciated.

Adan Merdan
Posted 2 months ago

Good course and videos. Thanx

Thomas Riinstain
Posted 2 months ago

I recommend this course for anyone interested in meditation, qigong and chi development. High-quality instruction and a profound level of knowledge shared by Damo Mitchell. I still can't believe this course is free!

Jonnas Baines
Posted 2 months ago
Amazing free course!

This is a fantastic course for anyone who wants to understand Qi Gong and the microcosmic orbit. Thank you to Sifu Damo for releasing this course and explaining it so clearly. This knowledge can help me in developing my internal training.

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