Taoist Tai Chi – Immortals Crossing the Sea

A systematic approach to Tai Chi with authentic instructions and effective results.

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The essence of Tai Chi is balance. Any deviation from equilibrium has to be restored. In the practice of Tai Chi, the most crucial but challenging elements are relaxation, breathing, angles, stepping, and posture. These essential components of training are clearly illustrated and taught in an easy-to-learn approach in this online course.

Master Joe Lok’s clear guidance makes for easy learning, offering precise but straightforward instructions on the Tai Chi movements, training towards practical health benefits, smooth momentum, and a graceful choreography suitable for beginners and advancement to mastery.

This systematic training program emphasizes the correct execution of the Tai Chi postures to enable maximum efficiency of energy flow so that students can begin to experience and cultivate their internal energy. The course includes 26 lessons of approximately 1.5-hours of on-demand video with in-depth instruction on the Taoist Tai Chi form – Immortals Crossing the Sea.

Added Bonus: Also included in the course is Master Joe Lok’s “Immortals Crossing the Sea – Taoist Tai Chi” book in a PDF format.


  • An open mind and willingness to learn the Taoist Tai Chi.
  • The ability to listen and follow instructions.

Who this course is for:

  • Martial artists (all levels).
  • Taijiquan / Tai Chi practitioners.
  • Kung fu enthusiasts.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tai Chi.
  • Martial Arts.
  • Qi Gong.
  • Meditation.
  • Relaxation.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Relieve pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Lifetime access to the course costs only $99.00, a one-time payment.

How many videos are in the course?
There are a total of 26 video lessons included in the course. The videos are on-demand and can be accessed in any order.

Can I watch the videos on all of my devices?
Yes, the website is fully responsive, meaning that you can watch all of the videos on all devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How can I pay?
We accept Paypal and all major Credit / Debit cards. All payments made on the site are secure, encrypted, and protected.

Will I get instant access to the videos?
Yes, once your payment has been processed, you will get instant access to all of the videos in the course.

This systematic Tai Chi training program created by Master Joe Lok includes 25 lessons of approximately 1.5-hours of on-demand video and a Tai Chi book with in-depth instruction on the Taoist Tai Chi form – Immortals Crossing the Sea.

Chapter 1. Immortals Tai Chi Book

Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi book - PDF.

Chapter 2. Form Demonstration

Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi demonstration 八仙過海道功太極演示.

Chapter 3. Introduction

Introduction 簡介.

Palm Shape 掌形.

Wuji 無極

Chapter 4. Form Instructions

1. Emerging Dragon 神龍現身.

2. Immortal Lifting Mountain 二郎擔山.

3. Dragon into Ocean 青龍出海.

4. Dragon Tiger Confrontation 龍虎風雲.

5. Flying Dragon 騰龍翻身.

6. Immortal Taming Flood 鹽池收妖.

7. Immortals Crossing the Sea 八仙過海.

8. Bending Flower Stalk 遊神折花.

9. Casting Fishing Line 太公釣魚.

10. Leaping over Ocean 哪吒跨海.

11. Beyond Shadow 絕影過河.

12. Two Immortals 二仙傳道.

13. Immortal Fishing Toad 劉海戲蟾.

14. Looking Over Territory 重陽架霧.

15. Immortal Sacred Sword 劍仙天遁.

16. The Way Descending 仙道臨凡.

Chapter 5. Advanced Form Instructions

Complete Form instruction 套路教學.

Tai Chi Accomplishment.

About Instructor

Joe Lok

Instructor of Taoist Tai Chi, Qi Gong and creator of the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing 鳳舞祥雲 養生道功 Immortals Crossing the Sea Tai Chi 八仙過海 道功太極 online courses.

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