Reply To: Mind intention/ego

  • Alexander Jones

    18th September 2023 at 11:06 pm

    Shifu Mizner’s teachings, which are based on the Huang Sheng Shyan Tai Chi system that utilizes the Five Song Gong, or the Five loosening exercises, to develop Song. To clarify, “Bones up, flesh down” is a fundamental principle in Tai Chi. It means releasing tension in your body while maintaining your structure, allowing gravity to act upon the flesh, with the flesh hanging off the bones.

    It is clear that you might be overthinking this. Song, in its essence, involves a relaxed state that isn’t achieved through excessive mental effort. Instead, it’s about letting go of unnecessary tension in your body. Trying to “think” your way into relaxation can indeed be counterproductive.

    I recommend focusing on the Song Gong exercises. These exercises are designed to help you develop the physical and mental attributes necessary for Song. Through consistent practice and guidance, one will gain a deeper understanding of what Song truly means.