Reply To: A brief history of Wuji & Louhan Ru Yi – The parent arts of Yan Shou Gong

  • Boh Heong Yap

    29th October 2022 at 12:13 am

    Firstly, I would like to thank Ortwin for taking the trouble to meet with Sifu Lyndin and me while we were in Berlin and for his willingness to share his knowledge. He helped me to fill in some holes in our lineage’s history about GM Chee teaching in Switzerland in the 80s, which I’ve heard from my father, but I did not know the details. I am truly and pleasantly surprised to have met Ortwin and learn that a ‘pocket’ of WuJi (and WuZu/5 Ancestors) survive in Switzerland! It’s like discovering some long-lost cousins.

    I would certainly like to work with Ortwin to bring the art of WuJi back from the brink and to a suitable audience, such as those found in the Martial Man community.

    Although I’m fairly proficient in the Arta of Yan Shou Gong, 5 Ancestors, and WuMei, I have barely touched WuJi; and from what little I know of it, it awes me. Its essence is ‘Emptiness’, the highest of the scale of the ‘Shaolin 6 Levels of Internals’! Learning to be proficient in WuJi is not easy… that was why YSG was created! Sure, learning the WuJi forms is not difficult but just learning the movements is meaningless, without nuances and details that can only be realized through the guidance of proficient instructors. (Those that attended the YSG Stage2 Workshop in Volendam/Amsterdam will know what I’m talking about. And WuJi will go even deeper than YSG.

    The other factor about learning WuJi is;

    “Are you Ready?”

    Are your body and mind in the correct state to receive and understand those lessons? Do you have the qualities of Song, Rootedness, and Centeredness; can you feel and control your ‘internal structures’ (Strings, etc…). Does your mind have the quality of Stillness and Mindfulness that will allow the teachings to sink in?

    If you are “not Ready,” the learning is severely limited, and you may have spent your time and effort fruitlessly: and squandered the resources of your teachers.

    I will definitely work with Ortwin, to bring WuJi into the public light, but don’t expect it to be immediate! In the meantime, For those enthusiastic about WuJi, prepare yourselves and get ‘Ready’! The best way to do it is to “deep dive” into the art. If you are unsure about what I’m talking about, please refer to the talks I gave on the Martial Man Channel about the ‘Roadmap to Learning Internals.

    Lastly, I’d like to add: I’m honored that Ortwin chose to share his knowledge of WuJi here in this forum. I see him as a senior See Hing (Martial Arts brother); please treat him with the respect he deserves.

    * ‘Not Ready’: this is also the reason why I have postponed my seminar on WuMei. After meeting and touching hands with many martial artists, I have found many are ‘not ready.’ That is why we start with YSG; this is the best way to get Ready to learn the other arts of 5 Ancestors, MuMei and WuJi.