Reply To: A brief history of Wuji & Louhan Ru Yi – The parent arts of Yan Shou Gong

  • Ortwin Lüers

    22nd October 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Wu Ji Quan as a learnable and teachable inner martial art has been estimated to be older than 4000 years. Master Chee explained that this art had been developed in preancient times when men were barely clothed, almost naked and had to keep themselves strong and healthy. Master Chee made clear that Wu Ji Quan derives from the ancient folk tradition and has to be differentiated from the daoist and buddhist tradition although later it had been integrated in the early Buddhist Tradition of the Shaolin Lineage by Bodhidharma, the first Patriarch of ZEN Buddhism. By this in the Wu Ji System the martial , the healing or medical as well the spiritual development runs together. Grandmaster Chee’s way of presenting the full amount of Shaolin Gong Fu and his unique way of teaching always inherited these 3 Levels . Being grounded is essential for any kind of Gong Fu as well for Wu Ji Quan.