Reply To: A brief history of Wuji & Louhan Ru Yi – The parent arts of Yan Shou Gong

  • Ortwin Lüers

    22nd October 2022 at 12:31 pm

    Many thanks to Master Yap and Kieren for this great video. The story of Grandmaster Chee in this compact, short form with the corresponding important details has not yet reached the public in such an adornment to my knowledge. Also that it became clear in the video that here in Europe, a core of students exists who practice Wu Ji Quan and much more from the early eighties, the nineties and directly for a total of 12 years under the direct guidance of Grandmaster Chee, is very welcome!

    Wu Ji Quan is alive. That makes us very happy. Many greetings

    Ortwin Lüers