Reply To: Registration Is Now Open • Prana Dynamics Master Program 2022

  • The Martial Man

    8th April 2022 at 3:28 am

    Early-bird registration is now open for the next Prana Dynamics Master Program scheduled from July to December 2022 with Master Huai Hsiang Wang to guide those interested in step-by-step instruction both martially and spiritually.

    Master Program Curriculum.

    The Philosophical Framework of Reference.

    • The Trinity – Essence, Energy and Spirit, the philosophical framework of reference.
    • Antenna – balancing the law of gravity and counter gravity.
    • Mind v.s. No Mind.Wu 武 – No Fighting: Non Violence, Non-Duality.From Confluence to Permeation for Fascia Activation.

    Rooting – Heaven Man Earth in Oneness.

    • The Three Energy Centers.
    • Mind – Trinity in animation at the function of focus.
    • Relaxation – Fascia activation.
    • From Top Down to Horizontal Alignment – Linear v.s. Spacial.
    • Simultaneous mind-body modulation.

    From Willing to Intent – Fascia Energization.

    • The Electromagnetic Fluid – Flow.
    • Internal Breathing – the Buffer Effect.
    • Skin Pore Breathing – Tensegrity.
    • The Hula Hoop Drill – Synchronization v.s. Flow.

    Inflation/Deflation and Tension Modulation – Fa Jin

    • From Flexibility to Conductivity.
    • Energy Throughput – Electric Vibration v.s. Magnetic Fluid.
    • Bow and Arrow Analogy v.s. Whip Cracking.
    • Energy Permeation and Modulation.

    Line Sensation- From Flexibility to Conductivity.

    • The Law of Resonance.
    • Application: Squeezing 擠, Pressing 按, Contact Point Separation.
    • The Mental Orb Mechanism.

    Bypassing and Line Sensation – Energy Mechanism in Motion.

    • Awareness in Motion – The Bio Electromagnetic Mechanism.
    • Applications: Plucking 採, Flipping 挒.
    • Game of Mental Hide and Seek – Variation Basics.
    • Intent: Focalization of the Astral, Mental and Vital energy.

    Synchronization and Tension Modulation – Energy Confluence Mechanism.

    • Power of Integrity/Oneness.
    • Elbowing 肘, Space Occupation 靠.
    • Energy Plane – Theory and Practice.
    • Synchronization of Energy Sphere – Shoulder, Knee, and Hip.

    Internal Qin Na Basics, Theory and Practice.

    • The Rationale of the Basic Practice.
    • The Spiral of The Ying and Yang.Deadpoint Control.

    Qin Na, Elbow and Shoulder Lock and Variations.

    • Demonstrating various Techniques.
    • Reintegration of the RABIS Principles.
    • Spontaneous Manifestation in Motion.

    Deciphering the Secrets of Forms – from Mechanics to Spontaneity.

    • Introducing Seven Steps Form from the Eight Step Praying Mantis.
    • The Art from Visualization to Actualization.
    • The Transition from in between Applications.The Importance of Continuity.
    • The Principle of Three.

    Internalization and Meditation – the Internal Mindscape of Spirituality.

    • The Empirical Art and Science of Reverse Self Engineering.
    • The Energyscape, Astral, Vital, and Mental.
    • The State of No Self.

    Intuition and Spontaneity.

    • Program Recap & Summary.
    • The Astral Body and the Light Body.
    • The Mysterious Gateway: Stillness in Silence and Prana Dynamics.

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