Reply To: Mysticism and esoteric practices in Silat

  • The Martial Man

    19th January 2022 at 1:11 am

    Hi James, I recommend checking out Guru Steven Benitez’s course on Silat Body Conditioning & Esoteric teachings.

    The esoteric aspect of Satria Fighting Arts is a massive part as it carries the “soul” of the art, providing the practitioner a deeper understanding of Numerology, Life, and Nature works, and how they apply in our lives; knowing the difference between the true ‘Self’ and the false ‘self’ and how Karma works; understanding times and seasons, the Universal Laws and understanding how to work with them, etc. These lessons will provide you with a good understanding of life and how energies work, which you can immediately apply in your life. In addition, you will receive practical lessons to work with, enabling you to activate a more empowering life. Finally, you will learn the principles of living a fruitful, peaceful, and harmonious lifestyle.

    Pencak Silat Body Conditioning & Esoteric teachings – Satria Fighting Arts