Reply To: Setting of the shoulder in Tai Chi and internal arts

  • Joseph

    27th November 2021 at 10:48 am

    One perspective is that the ‘shoulder’ that needs to be ‘set’ consists of roughly the scapula, the collar bone, and the upper arm bone, and then of course all musculature and soft tissue involved in that mechanism. So it is more than just the bone in the socket. For the shoulder to be set requires those three aspects to be correctly aligned, and to respond correctly to incoming force, and for all of this to occur as a result of release (song) rather than being held via muscular contraction in the ‘correct’ position. This is why it can take some work to remodel the tissues if some are tight, or have chronic habitual tension (i.e., basically this is for everyone), as well as perhaps to strengthen various aspects of the whole mechanism.