Reply To: The Roadmap – Part 2 | An Authentic Guide to Practicing Nei Gong

  • Christiano Santos

    27th November 2021 at 4:19 am

    I really enjoy watching this video explanations, and I still have some doubts about the content.

    Maybe it´s because english is not my 1st language, don´t know. sorry if I ask something that was already said, anyway…

    I see that you learn with Liang Dehua, his taijiquan is pretty legit, I met him in Argentina and felt how jin works. When I see master Yap demos, they seem very similar, but with totally different approaches (comparing yang tjq with southern shaolin), giving very similar results in terms of acquiring peng jin, sinking qi, etc.

    What is not clear yet to me is if this neigong set is the exercise to develop the “jin skills”, like peng jin, rooting, etc that can be applied to any system one practice, or if it´s just a preparaoty set for the wumei, in which those skills are in fact trained.

    so, with the 36 neigong set, if one becomes proficient after putting the effort on it, can develop the control/skill of manipulating jin in the arms, legs, etc?

    How do you compare them, how different/equal is the jin of Yap versus Liang (not the persons, the systems)?

    and in terms of the roadmap, master Yap mentions 5 stages and 6 levels:

    the stages are about going from external movements to internal -> acquiring awareness of strings, the 3rd stage control them, 4. generate energy through them 5. apply/use

    are these 5 stages covered in the online course? and what about the levels?

    thank you