Reply To: The Yang Family Four Sticking Spears

  • The Martial Man

    1st September 2021 at 11:56 pm

    Hi Matt, I recommend using a 2.5m pole for the sticking spears training and a 3.5m pole for the Gong Li training (there are some Gong Li training exercises included in the course). You can also use a 2.5m pole for all of the training; however, it’s better to have a longer pole to train Gong Li. The material should ideally be white wax wood as it is strong yet flexible. If it’s difficult to acquire a white wax wood pole in your country, you can also use a Wing Chun pole as they seem to be more readily avaiable.

    My 2.5 meter pole is tapered from 3cm – 2cm and my 3.5 meter pole is 5cm – 2cm.

    I hope that helps.