Reply To: Adam Mizner’s one inch punching power

  • Joseph

    9th March 2021 at 5:38 pm

    I meant he is the only one on his level, with in his own school. You’re right, there are loads of people with good short power, especially because it isn’t a super high level skill. His level is obviously very high. He did used to be a student of Mark’s, but has also trained with a few other high level people. Like I said though, there’s a trick kind you can learn via pure body mechanics, and depending on how connected your body is etc., you can have some average success, but to learn true short power is not a matter of just learning short power. It is a result of training properly in a whole system, because you need to your mind/body/energetic system to be transformed to a certain extent. It requires a lot of release in your musculature, a lot of connection and strength in your fascia, and the ability to direct waves of force accurately through your frame, so that energy/force does not ‘leak out’, etc. Mark Rasmus has a load of good techniques, but has also done an incredible amount of training in taiji, qigong, meditation etc., so he has a lot of qualities present in him that you cannot emulate just by copying a technique. The same goes for Mizner. If we could just copy techniques then everyone would be able to do this stuff.