Reply To: How long does it take to devleop iron palm?

  • Jason Elder

    9th March 2021 at 5:58 am

    I mentioned Shao-lin iron palm being a certain way in this video and I want to elaborate as this video was made in haste. When I refer to Shao-lin here I just mean the beginner method as I was taught from just 1 lineage. Even in the lineage I was learning(Li Family) there were many advanced palms that had not been qualified for as each palm has a requisite training/trainings and levels to achieve before the fist/palm is considered “known”. The hard conditioning is usually the first step and then the soft method is practiced as one gains more understanding. My Sifu used balls of iron ore the size or marbles in a basin that he would strike into as one of his practices but few ever take it to that level. Li family specializes in iron palm and iron body taking both to the highest of possible levels even Iron groin and Iron eyeball and golden bell. When punched in the stomach his stomach could suck in your fist and lock you so you couldn’t pull your hand out. I and about 20 students saw him explode(not just crack and split) a coconut freeair between his palms that we had just chosen and inspected ourselves. All of this is contained in high level Shao-Lin so I did not mean to downplay Shaolin methods.