Reply To: Adam Mizner’s one inch punching power

  • Joseph

    4th March 2021 at 8:50 pm

    Adam is definitely the only one who has skill and power at his level, but he is definitely not the only one in his school to be able to demonstrate this kind of short power. It isn’t a super high level skill, and is more or less a natural by-product of training in his system. You can learn different kinds of short power more easily, that are more kind of mechanical tricks. To really generate what Adam is demonstrating here though, it is a mistake to think of it as learning a technique. You have to train many qualities into your mind, body and energetic system, and it’s not a quick or easy training process. If you train diligently in his system, then I would say after a year or two you will crudely understand this short power, and be able to crudely demonstrate it yourself, and you would never have been explicitly taught it, or taught anything about striking at all. It depends on your goals – if you want a party trick one inch punch, then just train that using a Bruce Lee type method, and there’s loads of books on that. If you want a deeper more profound short power skill that you can release from anywhere on your body, it takes much more committed training, and there’s layers you need to train before getting to the minor detail of the technique.