Reply To: Adam Mizner’s one inch punching power

  • Joseph

    4th March 2021 at 8:13 pm

    No sorry I don’t know of any video like that. I don’t think one exists that would help out anyway, because the waves are not really visible, since they occur in the soft tissues of the body (it isn’t really the same as the mechanical lever based action of throwing a punch in boxing). It’s like watching a boat bob on a wave in the ocean – you can see the boat move, and you can see a bulge in the water, but I couldn’t show you a video of the energy in the water that results in that motion. The bulge you see in the ocean is just a surface result of the motion of the energy in the liquid, and the dynamics and pattern of the energy occur over more space, and in more complexity than you perceive via just the bulge, or the movement of the boat.