Reply To: How long does it take to devleop iron palm?

  • Jason Elder

    24th February 2021 at 4:59 pm

    There are many approaches to iron fist/palm. Generally you should start with something like mung beans to fill your bags. In some hard styles the fist,knife edge, backhand/palm ect are done with a rigid/solid hand and the bag is hit with these and some other configurations for a number of reps 50 should do for each config making about 200 strikes per hand. I started with hard style long ago but over time was shown an internal palm method. Jow is very important and takes some time to gain full strength when brewed(6 months) so consider buying a little to get you by until your batch of Martial man formula is ready. It is important to pace yourself properly and use Jow or perment damage can occur. I will make a short vid 1-3 minutes on the hard and soft methods as I was taught as well as the cautions I was given.