Reply To: Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 Essential Points – Correct translation?

  • The Martial Man

    14th January 2021 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Thomas, here is the list from YCF’s book. The translations might not be 100% accurate, but it’s something we can work from. I hope it helps.


    [1] Raise the spirit – 提起精神

    [2] Forcelessly press up your head-top – 虛靈頂勁

    [3] Contain the chest and pull up the back – 含胸拔背

    [4] Loosen the shoulders and drop the elbows – 鬆肩墜肘

    [5] Energy sinks to the elixir field – 氣沉丹田

    [6] The hands are at shoulder level – 手與肩平

    [7] The hips are at knee level – 胯與膝平

    [8] Tuck in the anus – 尻道上提

    [9] The tailbone is centered – 尾閭中正

    [10] Inside and outside merge together – 內外相合


    [1] Do not forcefully apply power 不强用力

    [2] Use the mind to move energy – 以心行氣

    [3] Step like a cat – 步如貓行

    [4] The upper body and lower coordinate with each other – 上下相隨

    [5] The breathing is natural – 呼吸自然

    [6] The whole thing is a single thread throughout – 一線串成

    [7] Changes are in the waist – 變換在腰

    [8] Energy travels to the four limbs – 氣行四肢

    [9] Clearly distinguish empty and full – 分淸虛實

    [10] Turn with roundness and facility – 圓轉如意