Reply To: Do Japanese styles use herbs or liniment?

  • Rob Crossman

    8th January 2021 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Alan,

    I am sorry but I don’t have any knowledge of the ingredients used in any Jows other than the one I make. I can list the herbs if you are interested. The man at the herbalist, said that ‘all of the herbs in my recipe are used to increase blood flow’.

    As for Uechi-Ryu’s origins, I have read many different stories over the years, and some differ quite a bit. But all of them say ‘Kanbun Uechi was from Okinawa, that he learned his martial art in Fujian China’. When asked what style he studied in China, he said ‘Pangainoon, which is said to mean half hard half soft.’

    He later taught his martial art in Japan for a few years, but that is the only Japanese connection to Uechi-Ryu that I am aware of. We were always taught it was from Okinawa.

    When Kanbun died in 1948 the style was renamed to Uechi Ryu in his honor.

    Hopefully I won’t start some kind of ‘flame war’ over this, as I know that Okinawa was at times ruled by Japan.

    Have a great day.