Reply To: Hino Budo

  • Dan

    3rd January 2021 at 5:28 am

    Hi Seb

    I did a year of aunkai with Christophe Martin, I would say there are some similarities with Dan Harden’s sangenkai system, but also some key differences too. For example, Aunkai’s internal architecture seemed to build strong straight lines inside, so one can transmit force up from the ground and out, whereas the sangenkai uses no straight lines, always spirals.

    What really impressed me from my first seminar in Bristol was both Dan’s own power level, but more importantly that he had 7 or 8 students at that location who were able to demonstrate that they were learning the skills too, and they could move me around with little effort, while I couldn’t move them.

    I hope to meet you soon in London/ Bristol, if it is possible!