Reply To: How long does it take to devleop iron palm?

  • James Dawes

    30th December 2020 at 10:13 am

    Greetings Alex, It doesn’t take long to see results. My first teacher would hit a wall bag filled with dried chickpeas for 15 minutes every day. He would spend 5 minutes hitting the bag using his fist, 5 minutes striking with his palm, and 5 minutes hitting with the back of his hand. He did this for around one year, and the results were astounding. We gave him the nickname “Marbles” because his knuckles became round and solid like marbles. It became difficult to cross hands with him after he conditioned his hands because if he caught you with his fist, a cut would instantly open up on your face as his knuckles were so pronounced. Good luck, and don’t forget to use some Jow if you begin training.