Yap Boh Heong teaching at The Martial Camp

  • Yap Boh Heong teaching at The Martial Camp

    Posted by The Martial Man on 4th July 2022 at 9:35 am

    Join us at the next event, The Martial Camp 2023 • 14-Day Internal Martial Arts Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    What are the dates?

    The official dates are the 4th – 17th of January 2023.

    Who are the instructors?

    1. Liang De Hua – Yang-style Taiji Quan.

    2. Richard Huang – White Crane Kung-fu.

    3. Yap Boh Heong – 5 Ancestors Fist.

    4. Nima King – Mindful Wing Chun.

    5. Adam Mizner – Yang-style Taiji Quan.

    *** ADDED BONUS *** Master Richard Huang will also give a free introductory course to teach Traditional Chinese Bone Setting at the hotel resort to all the participants who attend the 2023 event.

    Where is the training camp held?

    The resort is located approximately 25km outside of the center of Chiang Mai. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the resort if you are traveling from the airport or the city center of Chiang Mai.

    Is the food included?

    Yes, buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included at the resort.

    How do I book?

    Limited spaces are available, book now through our website: https://themartialcamp.com

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  • Alex Jefferson

    4th July 2022 at 3:12 pm

    If you practice Wing Chun will the other sessions be general enough to extract value…Can you speak more on this? Also will it be a repeat/similar to what is covered in Prana Dynamics?

    • The Martial Man

      4th July 2022 at 11:20 pm

      Hi Alex, yes, absolutely! Approximately half of the attendees of the previous events were Wing Chun practitioners, and they benefited significantly from participating.

      b) The Prana Dynamics course and curriculum are different from the martial camp.

      At the camp, there is considerable focus on learning and training the Nei Gong (exercises) used to develop internal skills (such as sinking the Qi and producing internal power) and partner exercises to apply the internal skills you’re cultivating. Typically in the morning session, students learn and train the Nei Gong, and partner exercises are introduced in the afternoons.

      The fastest way for any student to progress effectively and efficiently is to receive hands-on instruction and personal corrections from a master with authentic internal skills. Therefore, attending the martial camp is so beneficial as you get direct access to five masters at one event.

    • Alex Jefferson

      4th July 2022 at 11:27 pm

      Sounds good. Thank you for the reply.

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