The Six Levels of Internals – Master Yap Boh Heong

  • The Six Levels of Internals – Master Yap Boh Heong

    Posted by The Martial Man on 24th November 2023 at 9:55 pm

    We are thrilled to invite you to a 5-day Yan Shou Gong workshop led by Master Yap Boh Heong. This rare opportunity is set to take place from February 5th to 9th, 2024, immediately following The Martial Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    In this workshop, participants will explore the first two stages of learning internals and delve into sets 1-6 of Yang Shou Gong.

    Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

    • Master Yap Boh Heong will thoroughly cover the precise movements of the forms, allowing you to align, activate, and move the internal structures known as the Myo-Fascial-Meridians or “Strings.” By mastering these forms, you will effectively clear energy blockages and facilitate the smooth flow of energy throughout your body.

    • Additionally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore and learn the first six sets of Yang Shou Gong with Master Yap Boh Heong. His guidance will unravel the intricate details, internal energies, and practical applications hidden within these sets.

    Whether you are new to Yan Shou Gong or seeking to refine your existing practice, this workshop offers a comprehensive learning experience that will significantly contribute to your growth in the internal arts. By covering the foundational stages and delving into the intricacies of Yang Shou Gong sets 1-6, participants will gain a solid understanding of the practice, laying the groundwork for their continued journey in the internal arts.

    Workshop Details:

    • Date: February 5th to 9th, 2024 (immediately following The Martial Camp)

    • Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

    To register for the workshop, please visit this link:

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