Tai Chi push energy explained by Sifu Mark Rasmus

  • Tai Chi push energy explained by Sifu Mark Rasmus

    Posted by The Martial Man on 17th September 2021 at 12:13 am


    This comprehensive Tai Chi course offers in-depth instruction on the ‘internals’ of Tai Chi. The video lessons cover the five loosening exercises and the 37 short form and more than forty push hands sets, including over one hundred push hands exercises. Also included are detailed instructions on developing more than forty intrinsic energies and over 100 self-defense exercises.

    The teachings presented by Sifu Mark Rasmus in this course are based on profound internal principles that are proven to work and have been taught to countless students over the past 30 years.

    The course will be continuously updated with new weekly videos throughout 2021, including video updates with Q&A and guest teacher presentations. You can expect over 100 hours of in-depth instruction as new content is added and the course is updated.

    Course Contents:

    • The five loosening exercises.

    • 37 short form – Huang Sheng Shyan lineage.

    • Tai Chi push hands sets.

    • Tai Chi push hands exercises.

    • Intrinsic energies training.

    • Fa Jin development exercises.

    • Qi Gong sets.

    • Self-defense exercises.

    Enroll here: https://themartialman.com/courses/tai-chi-chuan-with-sifu-mark-rasmus

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