Liang De Hua – Yang-style Taiji Quan • The Martial Camp

  • Liang De Hua – Yang-style Taiji Quan • The Martial Camp

    Posted by The Martial Man on 4th September 2022 at 7:18 am

    After the fantastic success of the previous events, we’re excited to announce that the next Martial Camp will take place in January 2023. We have personally designed and organized every detail, so you are guaranteed to receive an unforgettable experience and the highest quality of martial arts tuition available.

    Join us at the next event, The Martial Camp 2023.

    What are the dates?

    The official dates are the 4th – 17th Jan 2023.

    Who are the instructors?

    1. Liang De Hua – Yang-style Taiji Quan.

    2. Richard Huang – White Crane Kung-fu.

    3. Yap Boh Heong – 5 Ancestors Fist.

    4. Nima King – Mindful Wing Chun.

    5. Adam Mizner – Yang-style Taiji Quan.

    *** ADDED BONUS *** Master Richard Huang will also give a free introductory course to teach Traditional Chinese Bone Setting at the hotel resort to all the participants who attend the 2023 event.

    Limited tickets available – Use the link below to book your place:

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