90 years old Kyuzo Mifune the god of judo: the soft beats the hard

  • 90 years old Kyuzo Mifune the god of judo: the soft beats the hard

    Posted by Sebastien Ribac on 12th January 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Like many people in France, I started martial arts as a child by Judo.

    I was told that judo was based on the principle that the “soft defeats the hard”. However, the judo I used to train and that is seen today is the opposite. France is a judo nation and has many Judo olympic champions (for instance Teddy Riner). Many French judokas go to train in Japan and judo is now based on strength and repetition of 2 or 3 special technics.

    A few years ago, a video of Kyuzo Mifune popped up on my Youtube page and I understood what the “soft defeats the hard” meant! Kyuzo Mifune used his body in a very relax and soft way and his much younger, stronger, heavier (and high ranked) opponents (westerners and japaneses) could not throw him while he tossed them over easily. Maybe they did not go full out against this 90 years old master, but this does not change the fact that this nimble 90 years old master could do sparring at such an advanced age.

    What jumped out at me is that Kyuzo Mifune had transformed the way to use his body. I connot say whether he had some Tanren (special drills to forge the body) to forge such a body. However, this way to practice judo is almost a lost art.



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