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  • Tai Chi Issuing / Striking

     Joe Malley updated 1 month ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Joe Malley

    22nd August 2021 at 2:02 am

    Recently came across this video explaining/demonstrating how to issue/strike in Tai Chi. Curious to know if other people have come across similar concepts and/or teachings in their practice as is described herein. It shows a 1-inch punch type of striking technique adapted to various different kinds of strikes, but the emphasis is on the lower body.

    The video is from Sifu Glenn Hairston ( I have done some research and his bio is quite unique in that he isn’t just an academic practitioner of Tai Chi, but comes from a law enforcement and military training background. He has also consulted for the film industry and was a fighting choreography consultant to director Ben Ramsey on the movie Blood And Bone, which was a pretty badass street fighting movie starring Michael Jai White. You can actually see him in the movie as he briefly makes an appearance playing a bodyguard wiping down a Rolls Royce near the end of the movie, right before the final fight scene (

    As his Tai Chi experience comes from actually using Tai Chi to fight and subdue criminals in the street (no rules), I have found his perspective to be quite interesting as he focuses heavily on application. Not sure I have seen any other Tai Chi teacher in recent years who claims to have actually had a career utilizing Tai Chi for real fighting. His bio says he is still an active duty narcotics detective. Obviously much different from “masters” whose only fighting is in a dojo or sport setting. Curious to know if anyone knows of any other Tai Chi teachers who have a similar background as I am looking to continue my training more in the complete, traditional martial art of Tai Chi Chuan rather than the frequently found “Tai Chi for health” or “Tai Chi for meditation” these days.

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