The Essence Of WuMei Quan – Master Yap Boh Heong

Introduction WuMei Quan, the martial art created by the legendary Shaolin nun, WuMei, has been a rare and mysterious art. Even in this day of the Internet, it is challenging to find any substantial material on this art. Note: I will use the term “WuMei” to refer to the martial art of WuMei Quan, and not

The history of WuMei passed down from Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong

An article by Yap Boh Heong (edited by Kieren Krygier) Disclaimer It’s fair to say that there is much mystery surrounding WuMei. There’s even disagreement over her name. Much of the mystery is due to the lack of written records written about her. There could be two reasons for that; 1. Firstly, many records were

Internal Qin-Na 擒拿 with Master Huai Hsiang Wang

I first experienced Huai Hsiang Wang (teacher Howard) Qin-Na 擒拿 in November 2018 at his home in Taipei. Howard effortlessly threw me around his living room as he demonstrated his Qin-Na on me. If I told you that the pain was excruciating, it would be an understatement! Howard’s method of applying Qin-Na is very different to

Karate’s most important historical text: The Ten Precepts of Anko Itosu

Ten lessons of Karate In February 2019, I visited the Okinawa Karate Museum – 沖縄県空手博物館, a compelling and unique Karate museum opened in 1987 by 10th dan Goju-Ryu Karate legend, Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei. Mr. Hokama has transformed his home into what has now become the most extensive Karate museum in the world, containing a vast collection

Reflecting on the past two weeks spent at The Martial Camp 2019

It’s 00:20 am on a Friday morning, I’m sat inside the departure lounge at Suvarnabhumi international airport in Bangkok waiting to board a flight to Okinawa. This gives me some time to reflect on the past two-weeks spent at THE MARTIAL CAMP, an internal martial arts training camp in which people from across the globe

Is Kung Fu Rub the new Dit Da Jow?

What is Kung Fu Rub? If you have been following my work and watched any of my interviews from Season 2, then you have most definitely heard of the brand Kung Fu Rub. However, you may be unaware of why I choose to team up with them and promote their brand on my videos. To

How does it feel to cross hands with Adam Mizner?

Introduction In the following text, I will endeavor to describe my experience crossing hands with Sifu Adam Mizner. My motivation for writing this article is due to the vast amount of questions received from those who have watched my interview with Sifu Mizner and are curious about how it feels to be on the receiving end of

Master Wong “Martial Arts For The Modern World”

Master Wong, could you please tell us about your martial arts history and what styles you have studied? I have been involved in martial arts for around 30 years, but as for training, I would say that I have been seriously training for the last ten years. What I mean by that is, for the

“The hidden power of Internal Wing Chun”

Note: Within the answers below, Sifu Nima at times refers to Grandmaster Ip Man as ‘Ip Man’ or ‘Ip’ and refers to Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin as ‘CST,’ ‘Chu Shong Tin’ or ‘Master Chu.’ Nima has done this to create a natural flow for the readers, and no disrespect is intended. Could you please share

Sifu Liang De Hua – Martial Arts History

Sifu Liang could you please share how you first came to study Taijiquan? I was born in Hong Kong. My father came from Foshan. We are Cantonese people. My father knew some Hung Gar fist and also some Wu style Taiji from Hong Kong, so when we moved to Thailand, he started to teach me

What is 5 Ancestors Fist?

Introduction 5 Ancestors (5A) is an ancient Traditional Chinese Martial Art (TCMA) that assimilates five other styles of TCMA. It originates from the Southern Shaolin temple and probably dates from the late Ming and early Ching dynasties. It has been linked to the destruction of the Shaolin Temple in the North by the Ching armies


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